Why Use Cool Roofs?

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People who live in sunny, hot climates often spend a lot of energy on cooling down their homes. During the summer months, they may have huge energy bills, and it may seem like they just can’t do anything to cool their homes without spending a lot. If you’re one of these people, you probably dread the hot months because of this. But there are some things you can do to help save money on cooling your home. One of these is to install something called a cool roof on your home.

Light colors, as most people know, reflect the sun and do not absorb as much heat as dark colors. This is the driving concept behind cool roofs. They are made using materials that will reflect light better than standard roofs. In the beginning, cool roof technology was limited to mainly white colors. However, people quickly realized that white colored roofs became very dirty looking very quickly, especially in areas where the air was heavily polluted. Because of this, people did not want to make use of cool roofs. However, as more and more colors have become available, cool roofs have become more popular.

Another fact about cool roofs is that they emit infrared energy instead of storing or absorbing it. This also helps to drop the surface temperature of the roof’s surface. By doing so, the building doesn’t heat up as much. This means the overall energy required to cool down the building isn’t nearly as much, resulting in a lower energy bill.

In addition to lowering the energy bill of homes during the hot summer months, cool roofs also help to reduce the amount of maintenance the roof needs and extends the life of the roof by a significant amount. Because of this, home owners do not have to replace their roofs as often, which results in saving even more money and helps reduce landfill waste. All in all, cool roof technology, once not known to many, is becoming more and more popular as more people work to make their homes energy efficient.

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